How to Use hiihat (formerly to Search & Find All Things Black

Actually, searching on hiihat is really easy. Keep reading to find out just how easy.

Step 1: Determine what you’re looking for.

With hiihat, seek and you shall find. If you’re looking for a specific consumer good, local service, or the latest news – we offer a variety of “vertical” search engines (products, services, news and audio), which provide results that give you a direct link to your search term. This cuts down the time you would spend on another search engine, directory, or marketplace looking for your heart’s desire.

Update: We are adding an autofill option to help with even more accurate search results. Coming soon!

Step 2: Visit or click the chrome extension icon.

On your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, head straight to the hiihat search engine by typing in into the web browser. That will take you to hiihat’s main website, which is designed to serve Black people around the world– but mostly those based in the United States, Canada, and UK.

A much faster way to search hiihat is to enter a search term into the search box that’s built into your Google Chrome browser. With our Google Chrome browser extension, click the icon and type your search right into the search box. Click the link above to download it in a snap.

Step 3: Enter your Search Terms.

Just type what you’re interested in finding or what you are looking for into the search box on the hiihat website or into the extension search box! You can even add cities to your search keyword for more accuracy. Currently, we don’t autocomplete.

Huge Tip: Leave out identifying word(s) like ‘Black,’ ‘Minority,’ and ‘African-American’ when you search. This search engine is designed for you to never have to use these words in your search queries ever again.

Step 4: Review Your Search Results

After you start your search, you’ll get a page full of results. As you review results, you’ll instantly wonder if some of the listed sites are the best answer to what you’re looking for.

Under the ‘All’ vertical, you’ll receive a mix of webpages from across the web including matching content from other verticals. 

If you enjoy the mix, go ahead and click-through. If you prefer more specific results, click on any of the verticals above the search results: 

The ‘Products’ vertical is intended to give you direct links to a product or e-commerce site. Buy, buy, buy!

The ‘Services’ vertical is intended to give you direct links to service providers, professionals, and businesses regarding the search term. You can even find links to jobs in this vertical as well.

The ‘News’ vertical is intended to give you the most relevant and latest direct links to articles and blog posts that reflect the search term.

The ‘Audio’ vertical is intended to give you direct links to podcast or radio shows that speak on the topic.

Step 5: Refine your Search Results

At hiihat, we don’t always know exactly what you want. When you enter a search, the results you get is our technology’s best guess. 

Ways you can help it make better guesses or find what you’re looking for: 

  • Make sure you are not using any identifiers like “Black,” “Minority” or “African-American.” (For example, instead of black doctors in dallas, tx try doctors in dallas, tx)
  • Be specific but not overly specific. (For example, if you’re looking for a skin mask instead of face mask try beauty mask) 
  • Look at the results past page 1 or take a look at the vertical. (What you’re looking for may literally be search result #8 instead of search result #2)

Honorable Mention: Tell Someone about!

If you had a successful search experience on hiihat, congrats! You clearly know what to do! Now it’s your turn to spread the word. 
Tell everyone you know that hiihat can be trusted to give the fastest, most accurate results of all things Black on the internet. And if you got this far and you still haven’t yet, visit to start searching today!

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