Search Black-Owned Easier with hiihat Chrome Extension and Mobile Web App

Almost everything you want to know is available on the internet, just a click away. And when it comes to finding all things Black-Owned, hiihat is your answer.  From questions about your finances, to what’s happening in the news from Black-Owned media platforms, or trying to find the best Black-Owned restaurants, or Black doctors, inContinue reading “Search Black-Owned Easier with hiihat Chrome Extension and Mobile Web App”

We are Hiring!!!

Hiihat is currently hiring and YOU could become a part of this exciting, diverse team of people! Please note all positions featured below are 100% remote. Stipend and college credit available. You must have unlimited access to a personal laptop or desktop computer, internet connection, with the required software applications and/or mobile apps to beContinue reading “We are Hiring!!!”

BLKQUEST: Join the Hunt on August 28

Our inaugural Summer event in Atlanta, GA will change how you find and experience Black-owned businesses and brands moving forward. Oh how fun! We are so excited to announce a first-of-its-kind event that bridges community with business and fun!  Presented by, in collaboration with Black is a Vibe, Goodie Nation and Butter ATL BLKQUESTContinue reading “BLKQUEST: Join the Hunt on August 28”

hiihat (formerly Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some frequently asked questions we get about searching on hiihat. Trust us, it’s life changing. What is hiihat? hiihat is a discovery platform on a mission to make the search for all things Black more useful, social, and equal.  In laymen terms, we are a search engine. Why does hiihat exist? It’s a hassleContinue reading “hiihat (formerly Frequently Asked Questions”

How to Use hiihat (formerly to Search & Find All Things Black

Actually, searching on hiihat is really easy. Keep reading to find out just how easy. Step 1: Determine what you’re looking for. With hiihat, seek and you shall find. If you’re looking for a specific consumer good, local service, or the latest news – we offer a variety of “vertical” search engines (products, services, newsContinue reading “How to Use hiihat (formerly to Search & Find All Things Black”

Welcome to the Future of Search.

It’s 2021. You are happily working from home and likely homeschooling the heck out of your kids. On the weekends, masking up to hang out with friends and visit family is the norm. Travel is picking back up and maybe, just maybe, you got a COVID vaccination.  After a year of uncertainty and loss, theContinue reading “Welcome to the Future of Search.”

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