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hiihat is a trusted discovery platform that makes the search for all things Black more useful, social and equal. In one click, you have direct access to Black-owned and Black-founded companies that ideally meet the need and intent of your search term.

Search engines continue to overlook websites with a low Page Rank, backlinks or SEO value. They are simply not meeting the needs of the “Black-owned” search query. In almost all cases, Black-owned business directories and marketplaces have databases that are not user-friendly, quickly become outdated or don’t span all categories of an international Black audience or perspective.

Black life requires diversity, access, exposure, and resources. When you search on hiihat, you find these things fast AND at your fingertips.

Content shaped by search and experience.

When you’re not searching for the things, people, or places that you need and love on hiihat – we have content to help you improve all aspects of your life.

Check out our original news podcast for facts and enlightenment or visit our curated blog to learn more about Black businesses you’re missing out on.

Our algorithm is backed by the culture.

hiihat puts everything Black at the forefront of Search. We collect, organize, and index the web just like a search engine, to make it easier for people everywhere to navigate all aspects of Black life, better and all in one place. 

We serve results that don’t require an article, list, or directory as the first or only option you have when searching for Black information.

Through a voting system and social contributions from authenticated users on the platform, we’ve enabled technology that continue to meet the search expectations of Black culture, experience, and language. 

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